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What’s more beautiful than a crystal blue pool? One that’s environmentally green. At J. Tortorella Pools on Long Island, we create gunite swimming pools that are exquisitely elegant, energy efficient and ecologically sound. We’re strong believers in preserving our environment. In fact, we offer an energy-efficient pool package featuring:

  • A hydraulic pump system expertly designed for maximum energy efficiency.
  • High-performance PentairIntelliPro™ pumps that consume 70% less energy than their traditional counterparts.
  • State-of-the-art HI E2 heating systems from Jandy that are 95% energy efficient.
  • The Pentair IntelliChlor System, which turns ordinary table salt into chlorine.
  • LED lighting from IntelliBrite™, the wave of the future in energy efficiency and light quality.
  • Superior solar covers from Coverstar™, which can save up to 70% on pool heating costs and reduce evaporation by 90% and chemical consumption up to 70%.

See just how exquisitely beautiful being socially responsible can be: To find out more about our “green pools” that are always crystal blue, contact us. Learn more about our energy-efficient pool packages.

How much can you save?

According to research conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), energy-savings opportunities for both new and existing in-ground pools can be substantial. The NRDC estimates that our nation’s swimming pools generate approximately 10 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year – roughly the same as 1.3 million cars and light trucks.

By using today’s energy efficient technology, the NRDC’s study demonstrates that we could potentially save more than two thirds of total swimming pool energy use. For the average homeowner, this can translate into about $400 in annual utility savings from a more efficient pump design alone – more if you address energy loss from inefficient pool heaters as well. In fact, the savings from some heated pools can approach the typical savings achieved from upgrading an average-size new home to meet Energy Star® requirements.

For more information on the NDRC study and their recommendations, click here.

Additional questions? Visit our Green Products FAQs.

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“I would like to commend you and your employees in the service department. “I have always recommended your company. I have survived many renovations, redoing renovation, new construction and redoing that too. I have encountered and learned about every cost-cutting maneuver and lack of standards in workmanship that exist. “Your company stands alone. I have …

Joan Vecsey – Shelter Island, NY
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