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Salt Pool Technology – A 21st Century Solution for an Age Old Problem

At the end of the day, every pool owner wants a clean and clear pool so they can enjoy their investment. Whether you swim every day, your pool is more of an accessory to your home, or both, sanitizers are the key to water that is sparkling and inviting. Salt pools have risen in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason, as they are environmentally friendly, cost effective and allow for the use of advanced pool monitoring technology, or automation.

Salt Pool Technology – 21st Century Solutions to an Age Old Problem

Salt pools aren’t filled with seawater, although they ARE salty. Why? Using electrolysis, salt is converted into usable chlorine to sanitize pool water and keep it safe and clean for swimming.

Why convert to salt?

The first question is, why not? Salt pools are safer in that salt is a mostly harmless chemical found in every kitchen and we ingest it regularly. There are no harsh chemical warnings on a bag of salt and no need to keep it away from small children.

Efficient and Soothing Sanitation

Salt pools are more efficient in sanitizing so use less chemicals in the long run and since the salt water generators deliver a constant stream of chlorine, pool water is less irritating to the eyes and skin of swimmers. The salinity is about 1/12 of that of the ocean and is gentle on hair, skin and the respiratory system. Many swimmers report their skin being softer after swimming in a salt pool!

Cost Benefit Analysis:

Salt pools do have a higher up front cost and some require annual salting with occasional top ups, depending on bather load and usage by pets, but once a salt generator is installed, far fewer chemicals are needed and maintenance is much more streamlined. There is also less “spiking” of chlorine levels since chlorine is maintained at a constant rate versus being added during service and/or chemical check days.

Salt pools are a good long-term investment that potentially increases property values. Talk to your Field Manager today about converting to salt!



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