Residential Pool Service

J. Tortorella offers a selection of year-round quality maintenance and cleaning service packages – available seasonally or weekly – to help keep your gunite pool and spa looking great . . . and you feeling even better.

Summerization Services

Relax . . . and let J. Tortorella get your pool or spa ready for the season. Our professional service technicians will:

  • Reinstall all filtration equipment.
  • Prime all pumps.
  • Test your heating systems.
  • Thoroughly brush, clean and vacuum your pool.
  • Check for cracks or other potential issues on your pool deck.
  • Sanitize and balance your water to give you the healthiest, most enjoyable experience.

Weekly Maintenance

This is the great, worry-free way to keep your pool or spa pristine, pure and simple. At the beginning of the week, our service professionals sanitize your pool or spa and check your filtration equipment. We return again before the weekend – for a complete cleaning, sanitizing as well as water chemistry analysis and balancing (if needed) – so you can be sure your pool or spa is ready to enjoy when you are.


Just before freezing temperatures set in, it’s time to winterize your pool. But don’t wait until then: Call J. Tortorella in August and place your service request. Our trained service professionals will:

  • Thoroughly clean and vacuum your pool.
  • Lower the water level.
  • Remove all return fittings and skimmer baskets.
  • Air compress all plumbing lines and install antifreeze, winter fittings and cap all systems.
  • Drain and winterize filter and heating systems.
  • Remove and store all pool accessories.
  • Add chemicals to pool water.
  • Install pool cover.

Additional winterization services include:

  • Heater burner tray reconditioning and storage. Available for Jandy and Raypak gas heaters, this service includes removing, cleaning, painting and repairing of heater trays, storage over the winter months and reinstallation during spring opening.
  • Pump motor reconditioning and storage. Our technicians remove, clean, paint, bench test and replace (as needed) gaskets, o-rings and seals. We also inspect all internal electrical components, make any necessary repairs and store your pump for the winter.

Winter Service

Just because your pool is winterized doesn’t mean it should be ignored until spring. Inclement weather can damage your pool cover, tiles, marble dust finish and more. With our winter service package, you won’t have to worry. We’ll:

  • Inspect your pool and/or spa every other week.
  • Secure and adjust pool cover.
  • Drain any excess water from solid pool cover.
  • Maintain the proper pool water level (12 inches to 24 inches below tile line) to help prevent cracking.
  • Maintain the proper winter chemical balance to help prevent algae growth.
  • Repair or replace any cover anchors or cover water bags.
  • Adjust winter pool cover padding.
  • Stabilize any noticeable damage to the winter pool cover.

Quality Assurance Department

At J. Tortorella, quality assurance is more than a commitment we give to our clients; it’s an integral component that we’ve built into the very structure of our business.

Our In-House Quality Assurance Department Features:

  • A new, state-of-the-art training center where every J. Tortorella professional learns the skills and procedures necessary to complete their work to your satisfaction – and cross-trained in other areas as well. We also provide each team member with continuing education opportunities through this center as well as industry associations.
  • A comprehensive system of checks and balances reviewed and designed to meet all our clients’ pool construction, renovation and service needs.
  • Experienced service team leaders who routinely check all the pools we maintain to ensure they’re always serviced to our exacting standards.
  • Proactive client satisfaction research with follow-up surveys of our construction, renovation and service clients.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We absolutely love our backyard. It truly is a dream come true that could not have been achieved without you. Working with you and the rest of your staff has been nothing less than outstanding and professional. Everyone who represents J. Tortorella Pools has one thing on their minds: that is the highest standard of …

Steve and Gina Jacklitsch – Bohemia, NY
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