The devil is in the details when designing and building a luxury swimming pool in your home or commercial property. The most important thing to do, is to do your research and find a reputable company that specializes in high end luxury pool finishes that are as durable as they are beautiful. Also, it’s just as important to have a clear vision of how you want your end product to look. Remember that the pool finish will have a noticeable effect on the coloration of your pool water as well. So you’re going to want to pay close attention to the details when choosing the best finishes for your luxury swimming pool. (See blog on “Luxury Swimming Pool Design: Understanding the Variables That Influence Pool Water Color” for more on that!)

In an effort to educate people about pool finish options, our pool design and construction team at Tortorella are sharing their opinion on the best pool finishes on the market. After being around for 40 years and building some of the most luxurious swimming pools on Long Island, this article highlights one of our preferred partners and describes the differences in the available pool finish products as you consider your own future design needs. 

Wet Edge Technologies has a vast choice of pool finishes, with over 70 different  color combinations and 6 distinct product lines.

When it comes to pool finishes, Wet Edge Technologies are known for their quality, durability and beauty. Not only is their installation technique unique, but they also use a high quality aggregate in their mixes. This special type of aggregate adds an extra level of beauty and durability to the pool that can’t be found elsewhere. 

What’s super unique to Wet Edge Technologies finishes is their scientifically engineered admixture.  Pebble edge is included in all their pool finishes which fortifies the cement but also adds to its overall strength and durability.Also when a pigment is included in the mix, Wet Edge Technologies only uses powdered pigment. hey are considered the most durable and stable of the pigment types available.

Most plaster pool finishes include just water, marble sand (as the aggregate) and cement. Their baseline formula for both longevity and a visibly more luxurious look includes water, pebble edge, marble sand, quartz sand and cement:


As part of the installation process you can decide to opt for an exposed aggregate finish. Known as this because during the installation process the applicator power washes the cement from the surface exposing all the aggregate that was blended into the mix. Due to this exposure process most exposed aggregate finishes tend to have more vibrant texture than all other plaster products, with the Primera Stone line being one of the most upmarket and popular.

The exposed aggregate finish lines include; 

  • Luna Quartz which is 100% quartz, fortified with admixtures, lightly exposed and super vibrant in color
  • Signature Matrix is a blend of small and large pebbles that are sourced from all over the world and manually installed onto the pool layer, giving it a completely unique look for each and every pool that it is laid in.
  • Prysm Matrix is per the above plus incorporates lustrous glass beads giving the pool an added sparkly flare when the sunlight hits it.
  • Serenity Stone uses the natural beauty of pebble as the finish. Only the roundest pebbles are used, and twice the size of the Signature Matrix product line so that the pebble is the hero of the pool finish. This gives a bold and dynamic look for any luxury swimming pool.
  • Primera Stone is the most luxurious in price and finish. Smooth like plaster, it’s soft and durable.  It has a pebble fish look to it, resulting in a vibration of stunning colors.

Ultimately making time to research and finding the best finishes for your luxury swimming pool is time well spent. For more information on the products of drenerd by Wet Edge Technologies you can visit their site here or contact one of our design team members at Tortorella to discuss all your options with us directly. You can always visit our website gallery page for added inspiration.