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Founded in Southampton, NY in 1980, Tortorella Group is Long Island’s premier pool company. An iconic brand synonymous with luxury and reliability, Tortorella Group is an Award winning pool builder and a provider of home services. Tortorella Group offers you the resources and training needed to be successful in a professional work environment and recognizes entrepreneurism, innovation, and dedication. We take pride in helping you create an exciting future with our growing company.

We have a deep commitment to creating a diverse workforce and to bringing happiness to our clients.

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Working for Tortorella has always been a pleasure. I started working for the company as a junior in high school to help with data entry. After many opportunities to learn and grow, I am now the Senior Account Coordinator for the Service Division, with more opportunities in sight for the future.
I like working at Tortorella Pools. I feel like I am able to do great work because I am empowered to take the initiative. I love working with the people around me because we function as a team – it makes work a lot of fun.
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After 17 years working at Tortorella Pools, I still go to work every day with the same pleasure of working for a company that gives you the opportunity to exceed your goals and being surrounded by people that makes you feel like you’re a part of something special.
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I started working for Tortorella in 2007 as an gunite helper. Over time, I learned to be a finisher and gunite shooter. I also worked as a helper with the framing, masonry, and plumbing groups. Today I am a lead plumber and was able to learn from the people around me. I love doing what I do because I am always learning something from the team at Tortorella.

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