Pool Maintanance

Discovering you have pool algae can be concerning to first-time pool owners. The visible effects of the algae, turning your pool green, black, or brown in color, make it appear as if something is catastrophically wrong! However, rest assured, our team at Tortorella Pools wants you to know that algae (in all its forms!) is quite common, and with professional help and regular pool maintenance, it is quite curable and avoidable.

If you do find your pool has an algae outbreak, here are 7 simple pool maintenance steps to properly treat algae:

Pool Maintanance1

1. Test the water: Pool maintenance 101 starts with regularly testing the water. Use a pool test kit to check the water’s pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels. This will help you determine the severity of the algae problem and what chemicals you need to add.

2. Brush the pool: Use a pool brush to scrub the walls and floor of the pool to loosen the algae.

3. Shock the pool: Add a large dose of chlorine to the pool to kill the algae. The chemicals you use will differ depending on the type of algae (as determined in step one) Follow the instructions on the shock treatment product carefully.

4. Add algaecide: After shocking the pool, add an algaecide to prevent the algae from returning. Regular pool maintenance will ensure that both chemical levels and algaecide are present to prevent future outbreaks.

5. Run the filter: Keep the pool filter running for at least 24 hours to help remove dead algae and other debris from the water. Stagnant filtration is a big contributor to the growth of algae, so this step is pivotal in the process.

6. Vacuum the pool: Use a pool vacuum to remove any remaining debris from the bottom of the pool.

7. Repeat if necessary: If the algae problem persists, repeat the shock treatment and algaecide application until the pool is clear.

Pool Maintanance2

Ultimately, we recommend working with a pool maintenance provider for long-term care and prevention against pool algae and also following “The Three C’s” of general pool maintenance in our helpful blog HERE. However, if you do encounter pool algae then follow the steps above to get your pool back in tip-top shape and crystal clear for swimming this summer. For more advice or guidance on this or any other pool related issues, please contact one of our specialists HERE, we’d be happy to help.