Having a properly heated swimming pool is essential to enjoying a comfortable and relaxing swim, not to mention it extends the summer. As far as pool heating goes, gas pool heaters have emerged as a popular choice for residential pool owners.

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In this blog post, we will explore the different types of swimming pool heaters and weigh their pros and cons. We will also explore the top propane pool heaters in the market today.

Types of Swimming Pool Heaters: Exploring Your Options

You have several options to consider besides propane when looking for a pool heating solution. Let’s look at the different types of swimming pool heaters and discuss their advantages and drawbacks.

  • Electric Pool Heaters: These are known for their ease of installation and relatively low upfront cost. Electric heaters are suitable for small pools. One drawback with them, however, is that they have a higher operating cost compared to other heating options. Additionally, the heating process is also slower with electric heaters.
  • Solar Pool Heating: This type of heating offers an environmentally friendly option for heating your pool. Solar heating works by capturing and utilizing the energy from our sun. Solar heating has a low operating cost once installed. Their effectiveness, however, is dependent on the availability of sunlight. They may require a larger installation area and the process is also slower when compared to gas heaters.
  • Heat Pump Pool Heaters: Heat pump pool heaters are renowned for their energy efficiency. They extract heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the pool water. Heat pumps work well for various pool sizes. One consideration is the initial investment cost, which can be higher compared to other heating options. Heat pumps also have slower heating times during colder climate months.
A Comprehensive Guide To Gas Pool Heaters Choosing The Best Option Tortorella July Blogs Htm 59f02244d6f189ea

Why Choose a Gas Pool Heater for Your Residential Pool

A Comprehensive Guide To Gas Pool Heaters Choosing The Best Option Tortorella July Blogs Htm E562a512a16cb67a

Gas pool heaters offer a range of benefits that make them the ideal choice for heating your luxury swimming pool. Let’s explore the top reasons why gas pool heaters stand out from other pool heating options.

  1. Reliability and Performance: Gas heaters are known for their reliability and ability to provide consistent and precise temperature control for your pool.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Gas pool heaters offer excellent energy efficiency, helping you save on operational costs. They heat pools quickly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy warm water without excessive energy consumption.
  3. Versatility and Precise Temperature Control: Gas pool heaters are highly versatile when it comes to temperature control. They let you set and maintain the desired water temperature with precision.
  4. Durability and Weather Resistance: Gas pool heaters are built to withstand various weather conditions, including high winds and extreme temperatures. Their robust construction and weather-resistant features make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor pool setups.

The Best Gas Pool Heaters of 2023: Top Picks and Features

Gas pool heaters stand out for their efficiency and performance among other pool heating options. Here’s our 2023 list of preferred propane pool heaters among residential pool services companies:

  • Pentair ETIs: The Pentair ETi 400 and ETi 250 are high-efficiency pool and spa heaters that offer quick heat-up times. They also feature the TitanTough™ Direct-Fire Titanium Heat Exchanger for lasting performance. With two sizes available, these heaters are suitable for any pool and offer simplified installation and multiple gas line connection options. Achieving up to 96% thermal efficiency, these heaters maximize natural gas utilization for optimal heating.
  • Jandy HI-E: The Jandy Hi-E2 sets the standard for pool heaters with over 20 years of proven in-use record, providing ultra-efficient heating with up to a 95% efficiency rating. Its compact design makes it 34% lighter and has a 33% smaller footprint than comparable heaters, making it ideal for retrofitting. The Hi-E2 allows for flexible indoor installation with direct PVC pipe connections. Made with durable and dependable corrosion-resistant materials, the Hi-E2 ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Max-E-Therm: The Max-E-Therm High-Performance Heater brings smart features to save you money and energy. With smart connectivity via the Pentair IntelliCenter® Control System, you can manage pool functions with ease. Receive real-time status updates and alerts on your smart device. With its user-friendly menu and optional energy-saving automatic bypass, the Max-E-Therm heater is an intelligent choice for your pool.

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