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Installing a pool in your backyard is exciting for so many reasons!

Just the thought of cooling off on sizzling days in the comfort of your backyard is tantalizing. But there’s an additional layer of excitement to this venture – the design process! It’s a creative journey where you get to imagine, sketch, and craft a pool that truly captures your vision.

The latest pool trends are all about individuality and seamless integration with your outdoor space. From choosing the shape and size to selecting the perfect color palette and features, every decision you make decides the unique personality of your pool.

Let’s dive into the swimming pool design trends of 2023.

Pool Trends 2023: Transform Your Backyard with Trending Pool Designs

Making the right design choices with your pool lets you maximize its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Here are a few pool design trends making waves this summer!

Simplicity in Design

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Clean, minimalist designs are making a splash in 2023. Simplicity doesn’t mean boring; rather, it’s about maximizing the visual effect with minimal design complexity.

Uncluttered lines create a sleek and modern look that stands out against your backyard – just like this sleek pool (pictured above) built by Tortorella in the Hamptons NY. Minimalism has additional benefits: it breeds tranquillity and sophistication. As a recent article in the Journal of Positive Psychology suggests, there are psychological benefits of minimalism in lifestyle, including improved mood, reduced stress, and a greater sense of life satisfaction.

A simple pool design does more than just align with current trends. It opens the door to a serene environment where you can unwind and recharge.

Multiple Lighting Features, Internal and External

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Let’s now talk about lighting up your pool. The idea is to make it shine as night descends. Modern lighting trends aim to enhance visibility in and around your pool, transforming it into the perfect spot for late-night get-togethers or twilight swims. Here are a few lighting elements you can consider:

  • Underwater LED lights: The soft radiance of underwater LED lights illuminate every corner and facet of the pool, making swimming safe and enchanting.
  • Floating lights: These magical additions range from luminous orbs to flameless floating candles controlled via a handy mobile app. Play around with their hues and intensity to mirror your mood for the evening.
  • In-ground lighting- Carefully placed around your pool’s border, they conjure dramatic interplays of light and shadow, enriching the visual appeal of your pool area
  • Path lighting: Light up the way to your pool with your choice of path lights. They can cater to a variety of aesthetic preferences, while advances in technology have made them more energy-efficient and durable.
  • Solar lighting- A sustainable alternative, these lights utilize the sun’s energy to spotlight distinct pool features such as unique tile patterns or bubbling fountains.

Sustainable Designs

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Sustainable pool designs are a leading trend in the present climate of heightened environmental consciousness. The aim is to make it easy and affordable to design your pool using sustainable practices and materials while minimizing environmental impact. Here are a few things you can consider:

  • Materials: Use eco-friendly, recycled, or locally sourced materials for your pool to minimize its impact on the environment.
  • Lighting: Choose solar-powered or rechargeable lighting fixtures to light up your pool area without raising energy bills.
  • Filter efficiency: Choose an eco-friendly filtration system that uses less energy while ensuring pool water stays clean.

Different Finishes

The overall visual appeal of a pool is not just about its shape and size. The finish you choose can dramatically alter the color of the water, giving your pool a whole new look. Opt for darker finishes for a lagoon-like feel or lighter ones for a more tropical, clear-water vibe. There’s a huge variety of options to choose from.

Non-Standard Depths

Pools in 2023 cater to various needs, from shallow lounging areas to deeper sections for swimming and diving. You can tailor your pool’s depth to your family’s needs for a truly custom swimming experience.

Serious swimmers can create a pool with a uniform water height throughout or choose to keep the ends shallow with a deeper section in the middle of the pool.

Add-On Features to Personalize Your Pool Experience

We have also shortlisted a host of cool add-on features you can consider. These additions can make your pool a unique entertainment hub that stands out in the neighborhood.

  • Natural stones: Natural stones like granite or slate can add a touch of luxury to your pool. Whether used as decking or incorporated into water features, they provide texture and a natural aesthetic that pool pop.
  • Fire and water bowls: Fire and water features complement one another and can turn your backyard pool into a breathtaking destination. Use them creatively to add depth to your overall poolside experience.
  • Built-in hot tub: A built-in hot tub – like the one in the image below by Totroella – is the epitome of relaxation and luxury. Whether you’re soaking away the stress or enjoying a cool evening, it’s an add-on that can make your pool area a year-round comforter.
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  • Slides: Slides aren’t just for kids! They add a fun, playful element to your pool, ensuring that all ages can enjoy the water. Add them for a waterpark feel at home.
  • Laminar jets- Laminar jets create a constant, glass-like jet of water for stunning visual impact. The steady arcs of water add a touch of magic to your pool area, especially when lit up at night.
  • Next-level water features- Waterfalls, fountains, rain curtains – there’s a whole world of water features you can explore. These add-ons create visual interest and provide the calming sound of flowing water.

Dive Into Your Dream Pool: Let’s Bring Your Vision to Life

At Tortorella, we specialize in bringing the latest pool design trends to life.

As industry leaders, we’re passionate about creating extraordinary pool experiences that align with current trends. Whether you’re seeking sustainable features, a modern aesthetic, or a unique backyard design, our team is here to turn your aspirations into reality.

Reach out to us today to discuss how we can elevate your pool design to match the latest trends.