After a long and hard day, sliding open your back door to a pristine pool is a luxury many homeowners dream about. Tortorella, the leading pool company in the Hamptons, NY, makes it a reality.

Keeping your pool properly maintained with perfect water chemistry often takes considerable effort and expense when handling it manually. That is where pool automation comes in, to make enjoying your personal backyard oasis carefree. Automation features should be a part of any pool design and pool construction company’s services.

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From managing essential equipment to monitoring water quality and even controlling LED lighting displays, today’s pool automation systems put full command at your fingertips through user-friendly phone apps. It allows you more time to enjoy your dip while streamlining upkeep with smarter technology.

We list a few categories of pool automation features that are common amongst many of our pool customers.

Automated Pumps and Filters

At the heart of pool design lies a water circulation system driven by pumps and subsequent filtering to remove debris. Pool pumps traditionally run on rigid timers, circulating water even when not needed and racking up energy costs.

New variable speed pumps connected to smart controllers allow custom pump schedules tailored to your usage patterns. This ensures pumps run at optimal speeds for just the required duration, slashing your energy bills.

Automated Sanitization and Chemistry

Maintaining proper pool chemistry for clean, sanitized water free of bacteria traditionally demands significant attention. Pool companies and stores sell everything from floating chemical dispensers to multi-sensor grids, but not all of them offer automation.

The newest chlorine generators and pH sensors tie right into smart controllers, automatically dispensing or adjusting sanitizer and acid levels precisely to maintain perfect water quality day and night.

Monitoring critical chemistry round the clock and enabling remote adjustments means automation offers both total convenience and peace of mind, so your pool stays reliably balanced and hygienic automatically.

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Automated Heaters and Temperature Control

Maintaining a consistent swim-ready temperature used to require annoying daily adjustments and inefficient overheating. Pool heat pumps now integrate with home smart systems and controllers for advanced capabilities. Pool maintenance companies with these features can:

  • Program precise temp schedules fine-tuned to your hours of use.
  • Set vacation modes that dial back heating during travel.
  • Activate heating earlier to hit target temperatures when you desire.
  • Optimize run times by cutting waste for drastic efficiency gains.

With automation maintaining your desired temperature more economically, jump in whenever you like without hesitation!

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Automated Pool Lights and Water Features

Beyond the basics, automation also enhances enjoyment by choreographing pool lighting, waterfalls, and other waterscape elements into captivating displays. This takes your pool design to the next level.

You can schedule underwater LED lighting to transition through vibrant colors to illuminate night swims. Or you could set a Sunday morning timer to activate bubblers and water jets to entertain the kids!

Pool designers are also incorporating custom-programmed fountains and faux rivers driven by automation for stunning aesthetics. The best part? You can control the experience right from your phone.

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Gaining Total Control and Convenience

By combining home automation systems like Crestron or Control4 with dedicated platforms from leading pool controller manufacturers, all of the above automation scenarios and more are easily achievable today.

Savvy pool owners are tapping into this technology not just for convenience but also for benefits like remote control and automatic alerts in case of anomalies. If automation can so utterly simplify and enhance other daily experiences like room temperature and security alarms, why not your pool building and enjoyment too?

Luxurious Pool Designs with Total Peace of Mind by Tortorella Pools

As an award-winning pool designer and builder serving Hamptons, NY, and the greater Long Island area for over 40 years, Tortorella Group brings automation features and benefits to every custom pool project.

Our obsession with top-quality craftsmanship guided by expertise in both pool construction and maintenance means we know and install all the latest automation readily. You’ll gain a backyard leisure oasis completed to your unique tastes while enjoying effortless upkeep and convenience in the years ahead.

Whether building a new automated pool or upgrading an existing one, Tortorella Pools implements automation features to their fullest potential for efficiency, convenience, and reliability. Our meticulous maintenance teams ensure your investment remains pristine season after season.