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As the sun sets, an entirely new personality and experience emerges in your backyard oasis when the proper pool lighting springs to life. Great pool design and pool construction can seamlessly transform your daytime swimming sanctuary into an atmosphere ripe for exhilarating night swims, romantic evenings, or festive sunset gatherings. If you’re living on Long Island, you might be looking for the best pool company in the Hamptons to make this a reality.

Discover how the Tortorella Group, a leading pool company, artfully weaves LED lighting into every new build and renovation to match your vision. We often use Pentair Pool Lights and Jandy Lights in our thoughtfully designed lighting to unlock your pool’s full potential after dark.

Match the Mood with Multi-Color LED Lighting

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The latest LED pool lights now feature multi-dimmable color options spanning the entire spectrum! Pentair offers a wide selection of multi-color lights and Jandy’s Infinite Lights feature magically matches any desired mood or occasion in your backyard after the sun goes down.

The latest LED pool lights now feature multicolor options spanning the entire spectrum! Pentair offers a wide selection of multi-color lights, and Jandy’s Infinite Lights feature is there to match any desired mood or occasion in your backyard after the sun goes down.

The range truly covers it all––whether you want to feel energized for your morning laps with Invigorating Blue, shift to shimmering Aqua Green for relaxing evening floats, Vibrant Red for an exciting pool party, or go Caribbean Blue for a tropical resort vibe. You can even rotate through lighting presets like Americana, Romance, Caribbean, Hawaii, or Party!

As one of the leading pool construction companies, Tortorella uses only the highest quality, best-performing lights to create these effects.

White Light Color Temperature Options

For a classic white lighting look, LED lights today provide choices on the shade of white desired through different color temperatures.

Cool white in the 5,000-7,000 Kelvin range gives water a crisp, clean blue tone in the light. Warm white down in the 2,700-3,000 Kelvin range imparts a cozy golden glow for winding down late evenings. Split lighting zones with different white shades create visual intrigue. The best pool company will always provide these options for you.

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More Powerful Illumination that Uses Less Energy

LED technology revolutionizes pool lighting efficiency – providing the same or greater light power while slashing energy usage over old-fashioned incandescent bulbs!

For large or complex pool shapes, Pentair and Jandy offer high-lumen LED options. They deliver brilliant wide-coverage lighting using only around 6-65 watts, compared to the 100 to 500 watts typically needed. These LED lights can sufficiently illuminate average backyard designs with dramatic energy savings. LED pool lights use up to 87% less energy than their incandescent counterparts

Flexible Placement for Maximum Impact

The newest miniature LED lights give designers the ability to highlight steps, benches, water features, and more through creative positioning not possible before. While all lights use a niche for light placement, LED niches are smaller and don’t require special accommodation.

With this combination, the possibilities for artistic lighting designs are endless!

Automation, Timers, and Total Control

Manually flipping a single pool light switch already seems outdated. With today’s connected controls, automated schedules tailor lighting to your daily rhythms and upcoming events.

Pentair automation systems allow easy adjustment of colors, intensities, and activation times from your mobile phones. Scheduling capabilities like holiday themes auto-activating on big weekends also add excitement for family and guests.

The Magic of Water Feature Accent Lighting

Strategically placed LED lights directed at spilling water features, sheer descents, bubbler jets, or sheet falls breathe life into these elements after dusk. The interplay of softly glowing and shimmering waters against pool lighting is stunning. Underwater lights behind the cascade of a grotto or under an ornamental fountain can spotlight motion and textures. Such lights are beautifully integrated into your pool design and require the best pool company to execute.

Pentair and Jandy offer LED models perfect for illuminating waterscapes – yet another accent completing your pool’s nighttime transformation.

Realize the Full Potential of Your Backyard Oasis with Tortorella Pools

As a premier pool company in the Hamptons and the greater Long Island area for over 40 years, Tortorella makes LED lighting an integral part of every new luxury pool and renovation.

Our experts in pool construction, pool service, and pool repairs have intimate familiarity with the latest options from top brands like Pentair and Jandy to match the perfect models and placements to your family’s wants and lifestyle.

Tortorella Pools handles all technical considerations like sizing transformers and wiring for easy operation and energy efficiency. Automation integration and scheduling allow the lighting ambiance to fit each occasion.


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