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Gunite Pool Shopping Tips

What should you look for when shopping for a gunite pool? The most important thing, according to John, is to make sure you’re comparing “apples to apples.” Know exactly what’s included in your itemized proposal – and how it compares to industry standards. At J. Tortorella, we set our own standards – and they’re far more stringent than what’s required by our industry.

You want your pool to last . . . and so do we. To ensure you get the maximum life – and enjoyment – out of your pool, make sure the:

  • Framing is done just right. Framing is one of the most critical parts of building a pool. Not only does the pool have to be perfectly level and square when being framed, it also must be properly aligned in relation to the house or any other structure. This phase sets the tone of things to follow – good or bad.
  • Gunite is applied by an ACI certified nozzleman. Improper application can cut the life of your pool from 30 years to five years or less.
  • Pool is as strong as possible. We use 1/2-inch rebar (versus the 3/8 inch that is the industry standard) set on concrete chairs. The reason is simple: It makes the pool much stronger. Additionally we space the rebar 12 inches on center with 6-inch verticals in the deep end and loop bend them with horizontal runs in the upper beam.
  • Filtration system is top of the line for maximum energy efficiency and cost savings. We use systems with the latest in innovative hydraulic design, which use less energy to move water. And the more efficient your filtration system, the fewer chemicals you’ll need to keep your water crystal clear.
  • Masonry work is built for strength, quality and style. What type of mortar is being used? How far are cement joints spaced? Anything more than 3/8 inch is too much.

So know what you’re getting for the money – and whom you’re dealing with: Choose a professional builder. Ask to see their completed work. Talk to friends and associates who have had a gunite pool and spa built. We have hundreds. See for yourself: read our testimonials or view our portfolio now.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We want to compliment your staff. Every single person who has ever come to our home from Tortorella Pools – from the construction and repair crews to the pool cleaners – has been prompt, polite and professional.”

Eileen FitzGerald Sudler – Water Mill, NY
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