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We Provide High-End Pool Maintenance Services

Welcome to the world of luxury and exclusivity in pool maintenance services. At Tortorella, we don’t just maintain pools – we nurture them, transform them, and make them truly extraordinary. Our mission is to extend the life of your pool, protect your investment, and provide you with white-glove service par excellence. We are an elite service known for our exceptional expertise in the field. Our team is comprised of a league of specialists committed to ensuring your pool is always in impeccable condition. We offer exceptional services from pool repairs to pool remodeling, and everything else in between.

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We understand that your pool isn’t just another feature, but an oasis and the centerpiece of your outdoor lifestyle. That’s why we go above and beyond to keep it pristine and why we are regarded as the most trusted pool maintenance company of the Hamptons NY.

The Most Comprehensive Pool Maintenance Services On The Market

We are one of the few pool maintenance companies proud to offer twice a week pool servicing to ensure we give each pool extra care and attention than would be typical of other service and maintenance providers. During those visits our team meticulously clean your pool and add chemicals to maintain the perfect pH balance for a crystal-clear pool. If any issues arise with your pool or further maintenance is required to parts or services our team of specialists will step in address any issues in a timely manner.

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  • Pool Cleaning
  • Pool Repairs
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Propane and Heating
  • Emergency Services

Tortorella recognizes that the ongoing maintenance of a pool is what truly preserves its allure and safety. That is why we provide our aspiring maintenance professionals with the most rigorous training in the industry, ranging from water chemistry management to equipment diagnostics and repair techniques. 

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Pool Repair Service and Custom Pool Remodeling

Our expert pool repair services cover all kinds of issues, but what sets us apart is the speed, accuracy and quality at which our team works. We are on top of everything from every day wear and tear, to larger structural issues or even unexpected equipment damage. With the largest number of pool specialists on our side, you can trust that issues will be flagged before they get too big and that the job will be done right from start to finish.

We don’t just fix, we transform.  If you have a pool that lacks the ‘wow’ factor, we can take what you have and remodel it to be absolutely stunning. We specialize in the newest trends and designs on the market to ensure your pool is a masterpiece.

We Have You Covered for All Your Pool Heating and Gas Needs

Tortorella also offers comprehensive solutions for pool heating and gas services. Our specialized division is dedicated to these crucial aspects of your pool and outdoor living experience, offering a one-stop shop for all your propane and heating needs. That means that whether you’re taking a dip in your pool, enjoying an alfresco meal with family and friends, or simply relaxing in your outdoor living space, you can count on Tortorella to provide a warm and comfortable environment.

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Tortorella doesnt just offer your run-of-the-mill pool maintenance services. We are high-end, exclusive, and dedicated to a select clientele. If you’re seeking the best, we invite you to leave your name on our waitlist. Our care team will contact you and make sure your pool receives the exceptional care and attention it deserves. 

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