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Gunite Pools

More than a gunite swimming pool or spa, a J. Tortorella creation is the definition of elegant outdoor living: the height of design and construction, your pool will blend perfectly with your surrounding environment, transforming your outdoor space into the ultimate in luxury . . .creating a private destination that will satisfy the most discriminating tastes.

Here, no detail is too small; every element is selected to deliver excellent performance. At J. Tortorella Pools, we work with only the nation’s finest suppliers – for lights, automatic controls, filters and pumps, pool heaters and covers – so you can be confident that your gunite swimming pool will provide the utmost in enjoyment for years to come.

The Art of Great Design

Your J. Tortorella Pool begins with a conversation with a member of our team, or John Tortorella himself. An award-winning pool and spa designer, John oversees the concept, design and construction of every pool that bears his name.

Together, you’ll select the best site for the size and shape of the pool and spa you desire: a site that fulfills your vision, as well as all zoning and planning requirements.

With your pool style and shape selected, we then design its surroundings – from quality patios and decking to magnificent waterfalls and fountains – and end with a pool compound that fits both your life and unique sense of style.

Built by Master Craftsmen

What happens in between? Here’s a quick look at our gunite pool construction process:

  • We prepare the site creating a “clean canvas” for our work to begin.
  • We then lay out the design in the desired location to ensure the pool is properly positioned.
  • Our excavation crew, with the help of some heavy equipment and hand tools, digs the hole for the pool.
  • We build the form – in the shape of the pool – to shoot the gunite against.
  • Our plumbers “rough” in the main drains and floor returns.
  • We install steel rebar to reinforce the pool’s walls and floor.
  • Our certified gunite nozzlemen spray the mixture behind and around the rebar: This is the most critical step in ensuring that your pool will last.
  • We smooth and shape the gunite to perfection.
  • We design a hydraulic system for maximum energy efficiency.
  • We backfill the excavation and install the plumbing system.
  • Our skilled masons build your patio,then install the pool’s coping and tile, turning your pool into a beautiful showpiece.
  • We complete the finish work by applying the marble dust or other finishes.



As the day ends, the magic can begin with beautiful underwater pool and spa, and landscape lighting options installed by your J. Tortorella Pools’ professional. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect complement to your pool environment. Questions? Visit our Lighting FAQs.

Automatic Controls

A pool should be the height of luxury . . . a place of pure enjoyment, where you’re free to relax with family, friends or on your own. With the state-of-the-art automation and control choices offered with your J. Tortorella pool, it will be. So relax; in just a few minutes, you can keep your pool as beautiful as the day you opened it . . . for endless hours of luxurious enjoyment. Have a question about your existing equipment? See our FAQs.

Filters & Pumps

Today’s filtering systems offer higher energy efficiency, lower maintenance – and are less noisy – than ever before. At J. Tortorella, we offer our clients a choice of systems from leading manufacturers, including Sta-Rite’s System:3® Mod Media™ Filters, which handle two to three times more dirt than other filters, providing maintenance-free performance for up to an entire season.They’re ideal for in-ground pools and spas, as well as water features, for a pristine pool compound.

High-performance pumps dramatically reduce energy use, save money and are nearly silent during operation. Offering maximum efficiency and enhanced performance, these pumps are simple to control and protect themselves against damage so they last longer than their traditional counterparts. Most J. Tortorella pools are equipped with a Sta-Rite® pump.

Want to know more? Visit our Filters, Pumps & Heaters Q&As.

Pool Heaters

Efficient heaters for that just-right water temperature can maximize your pool enjoyment and extend it – all season long.  Featuring advanced electronics and increased energy efficiency, these heaters are simple to use, produce optimal temperatures more quickly for faster heating and help maintain a constant pool temperature – rain or shine. We offer our clients a choice of heaters from industry leaders Sta-Rite® and Jandy.

Pool Covers

For maximum enjoyment – and minimal fuss – J. Tortorella offers our clients a choice of pool covers from leading manufacturers. For additional questions, please visit our Pool Covers FAQs.

CoverStar Automatic Pool Covers

A convenient way to reduce pool heating and maintenance costs, this cover can reduce pool heating costs and chemical usage by up to 70% and also reduce water evaporation by up to 90%. These automatic cover systems are designed to seamlessly integrate into your pool’s decking and wall components – and are available in a choice of colors – for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Loop-Loc Safety Pool Covers for Winter

Unlike solid winter pool covers that collect rainwater – along with dirt and debris – the Loop-Loc safety cover is made of a fine mesh polypropylene that allows rain water and snow melt to pass slowly through. The tight weave of the nearly indestructible fabric keeps out all but the very finest dust. Dirt and debris blow away, so the cover stays dry and neat looking . . . all winter long. With your choice of colors, your pool always looks great.

Grando Pool Covers

Ranked highest for child safety, these covers can accommodate any size or shape pool and eliminate the need for fencing. Without unattractive tracks, these pool covers are also energy efficient – cutting your heating costs by as much as 70% – and can be solar panel-equipped for added efficiency.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Thank you for your more than professional service to someone who needed information about pools. Your staff took the time to make me look good to my clients.”

Rita N. Schuettinger – Southampton, NY
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